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We have new nigerian dwarf goat kids!

All of our goats are Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are known for their gentle, lovable and playful personalities. We would agree. We find them to be docile, playful loving and curious. They always want to know what we are doing. If we don’t talk to them as we pass by, they start baying all the louder making it impossible to continue past them without adequate affection (which I don’t mind at all).

We love our goats! They make excellent pets as well as livestock. Many people use them for 4-H animals as well. As dairy goats, they produce wonderful sweet milk in surprising amounts for their size. We are excited to get started with milking beginning spring of 2023.

Reserve Your Kids Now

To reserve your kid or lamb, follow the link to fill out the reservation form. Your name will be added to our waiting list in the order it was received. You will be contacted to let you know we have received your request and where you are on the list. As a practice we like to talk with you to allow you to ask questions and discuss the placement of the little ones you are purchasing. We accept a $50 deposit per kid or lamb but do not require it to hold your position on the list. We ask that if you change your mind or something comes up in life that prevents you from continuing with the purchase that you let us know right away so we can offer the little ones to the next person on the list.

More Nigerian Dwarf Goats Kids From Our Farm:

Reserve Kids or Lambs

Your name will be added to our waiting list in the order it was received.

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