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Stephanie Broomhead

Hi, I’m Stephanie Broomhead. I am an outdoor loving , animal loving wife to a very talented man, mom of one amazing daughter and have the opportunity to work on our little farm. My husband, Steve, and I have been married for over two decades and have dreamt of living on a farm, becoming self-sufficient and homesteading for a long time. We finally got the opportunity 9 years ago when his job brought us to Iowa. Building up this little 17-acre property has been full of learning, growth, discovery.

I am fascinated by systems. I love to see how they work together, how they thrive and benefit one another. We strive to understand the ecosystems that God has created. We hope to build systems here on the farm that tie into each other building upon those beautiful symbiotic relationships between animals and fields; people and animals; and people and all of nature. It truly is getting back to the basics and loving what we do.

Stephanie Broomhead
Steve and Stephanie Broomhead

Steve (my husband) and I believe every day there’s an opportunity to learn something new. We are novices in the farming and livestock arena, so we are constantly learning new things. I hope to bring the love of learning to those who visit our farm. The love of learning more about nature, animals, our relationships with them, and our responsibility to care for them.

There has been an incredible learning curve working this property. So far it has been an amazing journey with many redoes of what we thought was a great idea at first then realized it was not so good once we introduced animals. That has been frustratingly fun. As we continue this journey, we would love to share it with those who love animals, the land, being outside, and just love to learn.

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