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Meet Our Babydoll Sheep.

Babydoll sheep are commonly known as the “smiling sheep” thanks to their adorable teddy bear faces that sport what seems like a smile. Their color is either off-white or They are generally friendly, docile, sweet-natured sheep with a bit of a curious side. Sheep are communal animals who want to remain with their flock. It is always best to have at least two so they have a companion. Due to their miniature size, they make excellent sheep for small acreages or farms. They are easily handled making them good 4H animals. Since miniature breeds tend to be more expensive, they are not typically used for meat. They provide exceptional wool that can be used in a variety of ways; pillows, crafting, yarn, homestead uses such as insulation, erosion control, clothing, etc…)

We thoroughly enjoy our Babydoll sheep! They are a joy on the farm. They interact well with the other animals we have. They have been raised with Nigerian Dwarf Goats so that may account for some of the curiosity they have. They are adorable, engaging sets to capture your heart.

All Lambs have been sold!

Check back next spring or add name to waiting list for next spring babies.

All of our sheep are registered with the North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry (NABSSR)

Meet our Babydoll Sheep Ewes (females who will or can breed):

Cute Black Babydoll Sheep

Minis N Friends 0142 Anise (Nix)

Nix is a beautiful black Babydoll who represents her breed well. She has a sweet docile temperament. She is curious but cautious as is expected with sheep.

Blueberry, our off-white, purebred Babydoll Sheep

Minis N Friends 0143 Delphinium (Blueberry)

Blueberry is a quiet, girl who prefers to watch us from a hands reach away. She grazes happily in the pasture with her flock.

Mini N Friends 0144 Primrose (Mazey)

Mazey is a sweet girl. She follows me around as I do chores smelling everything I have touched. When I sit, she will come over to say hi.

Minis N Friends 0145 Snow Drop (Pearl)

Pearl! She is the main ewe. She tells the flock which direction to go. She will come when called which is helpful when gathering them together. She investigates what I am doing most of the time always aware of where I am. She is a good leader in the flock.

Minis N Friends 0146 Stella DeOro (Lucy)

Lucy is continually close to Pearl who is her twin. She is a mild mannered sweet girl who likes to say hi to me and get a treat or two.

We sell our lambs on a list basis. If you are interested in our lambs, we will put you on a list in the order of contact. Once the lambs are born, we will contact you in the order of contact until the lambs are all sold. A deposit of $100 per lamb, $50 for wethers will be required at the time of the call to be subtracted from the total amount due. If you are interested in purchasing one of our lambs please contact us through call, text or email at the contact information provided on this site.

Our Babydoll Sheep Ram (male who will or can breed)

Babydoll Sheep - Davenport IA - Howling Acres Farms

PBCR Mo107270007 Angus

Angus is a confident boy who bravely investigates all that happens in the pasture. He quickly comes to us when we are out in the pasture sometimes in response to being called and others just curious. He has a sweet temperament and is 100% ram.

Our wethers (males who have been castrated, typically used as companion animals)


Reginald is a distinguished, calm, friendly and inquisitive boy. He wants to know what we are doing often pushing his nose into whatever we have in our hand. He is carful to protect the flock as guides them around the pasture. He is a delight in our farm


Jax is a quiet, mild mannered boy who sticks close to the ewes. Since he is young and still learning that we are ok, but he is getting there. He will at least smell my hand when the ewes come up to say hi.

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